Friday, March 1, 2013

LEGOLAND Discovery Centre opens in Toronto

As a child I still have fond memories of going to the toy store and buying the latest and greatest LEGO set. I am going to be able to share in my enjoyment and love for LEGO'S with my little ones as the first LEGOLAND Discovery Centre is opening in Toronto at the Vaughan Mills Shopping Centre today. The first of its kind in Canada and the perfect place to take your little LEGO fans.

The LEGOLAND Discovery Centre is a mini amusement park featuring an interactive and educational two- to three-hour indoor experience geared to families with children aged three to 10. The centre, based on the popular LEGO brick, has a range of play areas including a 4D cinema where action is accompanied by wind, rain, lightning and snow, brick pool, classes from a master model builder, rides and special rooms for birthday parties and other celebrations. A Miniland exhibit featuring Toronto’s landmarks transformed into miniature replicas made from nearly 1.5 million LEGO bricks, with many moving parts, even the smallest spectator will feel like a giant! This is a wondrous place where kids will be able to play with — and parents buy — the blocks and accessories.

Canada will be the 21st country in which Merlin has attractions. The company has 90 attractions in 19 countries. This new attraction will be the ultimate destination for children who are in love with LEGO and parents who want to relive their youth.

For more information and to plan your visit check out their website. This is definitely somewhere where I will be taking my girls to discover the wonderful world of LEGO. You'll feel like you just jumped into the biggeset box of LEGO!!


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