Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Stroller Ban in Toronto Doctor's Office

Six months ago when I took Madison to her pediatrician, I noticed a bunch of strollers parked outside of the office. As I got closer to the door, I noticed a note on the door. In bold cap letters the sign clearly indicated a new no-stroller policy whereby strollers were no longer allowed in the office.

Apparently our pediatrician is not the only one banning strollers from their office. The reason behind the no-stroller policy is to ensure there is space for young patients in the office to play, to keep patients from tripping and allow for additional space for seating.

Lack of space in doctors offices have always been a problem. When strollers are added to the equation it limits the amount of walking room and poses safety hazards for patients.

The question you have to ask yourself when faced with a no-stroller policy at your doctor's office is would you rather enter a waiting room full of strollers or enter a waiting room where there is room to walk and wait peacefully?

Before the no-stroller policy came into effect at our pediatrician, there would be a lineup of strollers and a swarm of confused and irate mommies and daddies trying to maneuver their way in, around and out of the office, it was complete chaos. Examination rooms are not large enough to accommodate strollers and therefore the waiting room was literally a parking lot for strollers. So for me, juggling both children was a better alternative than having to shuffle through the office with babies and stroller in tote!

Although society tries to accommodate people with young children they have to sympathize with others as well. After having my second child, I learned how to adapt to different situations which has made life easier for me and my little ones!

Let me know what you think about this issue, if we can even call it that??





  1. Strollers are very big and difficult to move. But sometimes they are useful with little children. My little one doesn't like her stroller, so she prefers walk and feel free to move everywhere. I'm not so happy to wait in the doctor's office with my little one running everywhere, and I used to take her on the stroller to wait peacefully my turn. I know it's not a good thing to do, but poeple aren't so happy to have a little child running in the office. On the other hand it's difficult to move with a big stroller. So... In my opinion.... I undertand the doctor and the parents too.

    1. There are benefits and drawbacks to defend the argument for each side. A subject with opposing views definitely!

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