Tuesday, January 8, 2013

How to Handle Separation Anxiety

Separation anxiety in babies is a common, normal and self protective stage that begins when babies start to understand that people and things exist. My little one, Madison, is crazy glued to me at almost all times. When anyone gets close to her, she immediately creates this protective barrier around her which no one or nothing can penetrate through.

Whenever she is placed in an unfamiliar situation where the threat of being separated from me exists, the smile she had turns slowly to a frown, her face starts to go a few shades of red and she puts the death grip into me. I keep telling myself to embrace this time since time goes by so quickly, but lets’ be honest, as much as I cherish these moments I need to take certain measures to make the situation more manageable for both her and myself and really everyone who comes into contact with us.

I’ve devised a plan that hopefully will work!
  • Minimize separations until Madison outgrows this stage which should be around 18 months
  • Always say good bye and resist the urge to sneak out of the house
  • Show warmth and enthusiasm to everyone Madison comes in contact with
  • Don't force Madison to be held or kissed by anyone who seems to cause anxiety, even if that person is a friend or relative.
  • Ask anyone to whom Madison has become sensitive to approach her slowly so that she has time to warm up to them.
If anyone has any advice or opinions on separation anxiety I would love to hear them. I will keep everyone updated on the success of my plan.


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