Friday, December 28, 2012

New Year - New Projects

With the new year brings change and new years resolution. Whether it be the popular I need to shed the extra pounds gained over the holidays or that new DIY project, everyone has something on their mind.

For that person who is looking to re-design, remodel or update their home a great place to start is Houzz - an online platform for those looking to spruce up their home.

I came upon this website earlier on in the year when we were updating our home to feel more cozy and updated. We needed to purchase furniture to provide us with space to put the endless amount of toys, books and games that were lying around the house without a home. We also needed to rearrange our existing furniture to provide us with more space to allow the kiddies to roam around freely without the fear of them running into something. I needed some inspiration and ideas - and that's where Houzz came in.

Houzz is a great website. From decorating a home to a complete remodel you will find great ideas that is sure to suit every type of style.With the largest residential design database in the world and a vibrant community powered by social tools, Houzz is the easiest way for people to get the design inspiration, project advice, product information and professional reviews they need to help turn ideas into reality.

Check it out. Great ideas are at your finger tips.


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