Monday, December 24, 2012

Holiday Survival Dos and Don'ts

The holiday is a memorable time. A time when family and friends gather to celebrate, count their blessings and create memorable traditions. But it does not always go as planned. Extra planning is needed when you have little ones running around who are thrown off their schedule, introduced to unfamiliar faces, and expected to be in high spirits despite being taken out of their comfort zone.

Here are 10 dos and don'ts to help you survive the holidays with your little ones:

  1. Do feed your child before going out
  2. Do schedule outings around nap times 
  3. Do make outings simple
  4. Do allow yourself to be flexible
  5. Do let your child help you with the preparations
  6. Don't force your child to do what they don't want to
  7. Don't go over your set present budget
  8. Don't force your child to finish everything in their plate
  9. Don't expect everything to go as planned
  10. Don't be upset if your child has a few mini tantrums

The holidays are a time to make memorable memories with the family that you can reminisce about years to come. Maybe following these dos and don'ts will make for a holly jolly holiday for you and your family!!!


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