Sunday, January 27, 2013

We Gotta Stay in...Baby its Cold Outside!

Just because its a frigged outside, just because it takes half an hour to get the kiddies dressed before even stepping foot outside and just because the wind outside pinches your exposed skin when you open your front door and step foot outside.....doesn't mean we can't enjoy and embrace winter and everything it brings with it.

I enjoy taking the kiddies out for a bit of fresh air as much as possible but with these cold temps I have had to improvise a bit with the winter activities and bring the fun inside.

Hear are a few fun activities that have kept my kids out of trouble and happily entertained.

1. Craft time: We have a box full of a variety of papers (construction, tissue, corrugated), colored popsicle sticks, rolls of crepe paper, buttons, feathers, doilies, pom poms, pipe cleaners, stickers, precut shapes, finger crayons, ribbons, ric rac, and a chunky glue stick. I let the girls make their own designs that we later display on the fridge.

2. Build a tunnel: My girls love to pretend play. I grab a few sheets, pillows, blankets and chairs and build the ultimate tunnel.

3. School Time: Although my girls are not yet school age we still pretend. We take turns being teacher and student. They absolutely love to do this.

4. Chore Chart: Kids love to help their mom around the house and I take full advantage of this one. I create a chore chart and cross out the jobs as we finish them. Great way to get things done and keep the girls entertained.

5. Dance, Dance, Dance: Music is an important component of everyday in our house. Put on your favorite music, let go of your inhibitions and dance like its nobodys business. This is a perfect stress relief for you and a perfect way for the kiddies to release some energy.

One of the many joys of having children is you get to pretend you are a kid again and I take full advantage of this one!


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