Saturday, January 12, 2013

The Wash

Hi, my name is Wags the dog. I am the proud plush dog whose best friends are Samantha and Madison. I go on mini adventures with them. I am dragged, hugged, kissed and literally put through the ringer with my little friends.

They care for me so much and I love them dearly. But I can get a little stinky, not sure why its not like I go out of the house. I try to be careful when hanging out with the girls but their mommy thinks I am a walking bacteria and plain old nastiness at times. Just the other day I was being thrown in the air and ended up in the salad bowl. I must say I am quite jealous of the meals I am missing out on!!

I am like a bottle of fine wine, the less you wash me the longer I will live!!! But the mommy was determined to wash me and make me new so this is what I was put through:

  • I was stuffed into a pillowcase that was tied tight with a big old knot
  • I was thrown into the washer on the delicate cycle
  • Something smells baby fresh - detergent incoming
  • Round and round I went, the machine finally stops
  • I am taken out of the pillowcase - sigh of relief
  • I am hung like piece of meat to dry.

Luckily, I am a plain old plush doggy and am not all jazzed up. I wouldn't be able to be washed if:

  • If I had a music box in my tummy
  • If I had items glued onto me
  • If I had small foam balls inside me.

I must say I smell fresh and feel like a new dog! Watch out Clifford her comes the new and improved Wags!!


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