Monday, January 14, 2013

How to Raise a Happy and Well-Behaved Child

Children between the age of 12 months to about 4 are curious, mobile and want their own way. I'm one of the many parents out there trying to master the skill of how to raise a well behaved toddler to maintain calmness in their own lives. Trying to avoid the temper tantrums, whining and crying is an art that I don't think anyone can actually say they have mastered. But from experience, I have learnt the key is to teach your child how to control their own behavior so you don't have to.

All kids have their moments, that's what makes them kids. I think its about making it clear from the get-go of what is expected from them. Eventually, I hope to just give them a look and both the girls will know to discipline themselves. Wishful thinking maybe!

My training program has included:
  • Maintaining my own self-control in order to re-establish my girls
  • Ensuring my children get enough sleep. The average toddler needs between 10 and 13 hours of sleep daily and a two-hour afternoon nap. Overly tired children will act out and become difficult to handle
  • Establishing a consistent bedtime routine
  • Rewarding and celebrating good behavior
  • Being a good role model by doing what I preach
  • Indicating limitations with the tone of my voice and the look in my eyes
  • Choosing to educate the girls instead of simply disciplining
  • Teaching the girls how to wait as opposed to jumping at each cry and whimper
Children naturally want to make their parents happy. By making your expectations clear from the time your children are toddlers they will internalize those expectations and expect the same thing from themselves.


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