Friday, December 14, 2012

Ohhhhhhh Baby Eczema!!!!

When my little one turned 3 months she began to develop a rash literally from her head down to her toes. At the time I was nursing, the pediatrician put me on a strict gluten free and dairy free diet in hopes that my babies eczema would go away. Not so much!!!!

It completely broke my heart to see the pain she was feeling as she would be scratching uncontrollably at times. I went to dermatologists, naturopaths and allergists who all said eczema in babies is becoming common. Over time her eczema has gotten better but she still has patches every once and a while. Her trouble area is around her mouth which could be enhanced due to teething.

I am always on the look out for new information to make my little ones life easier and ease any suffering from her eczema. I have come to realize the key to freeing your child from eczema is to have a true understanding of eczema and only then can you apply safe and natural remedies.

I have come across and read many books about eczema in babies and possible causes. After doing endless amounts of research about eczema in babies and its causes I came across a book called "Cure Child Eczema - Natural Methods that Work." I read through the information on the website, testimonials and stories and what really got me was that it states that if the primary cause of the childs eczema is not dealt with then you will not see an end in sight, which is completely true!

If you are dealing with eczema check out this website. Its definitely worth a try.

Let me know if you have information you can share, I would love to hear any stories and advice.



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